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“Leaping out of bed like a young gazelle…”

… my mind was saying. In reality, I was more like an old grizzly bear bemoaning the aches in his joints and the soreness in his muscles. Yes, I had been exercising in the gym the night before. And yes, my ageing body was reminding my youthful mind of the realities of getting older. Over…

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Diabetes and heart problems

Diabetes and heart problems – what you need to know. If you, or someone you love, has got diabetes – you need to read this! This article was first published as a blog at Written by Elizabeth Nelson, it draws attention to classic heart attack symptoms and how they may manifest themselves differently in…

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World Heart Day 2016

WORKING FOR HEALTHY HEARTS IN BARNSLEY 29th September 2016 – World Heart Day This year our local Lifelong Learning Centre in Royston have chosen to promote World Heart Day  for the whole of September. It’s an opportunity for the Barnsley Long Term Exercise Heart Support Group to promote its heart-healthy activities locally as part of a…

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