The Great British Spring Clean

Litter Picking "Royston Green Spaces"

Saturday 24th March 2019

As part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, our brave volunteers gather on a sunny (but slightly chilly morning), to give our lovely Royston a Spring Clean. Organised with the help of "Royston Green Spaces" we set forth armed with litter picking sticks, black bin liners,  yellow jackets and a grim determination to let no litter escape our searching gaze.

So successful were we that over 30 bin bags and a bed were gathered in 2 hours. A mighty appetite was worked up and afterwards satisfied in our little gym cafe.

A huge thank you to "Royston Green Spaces" for supplying the equipment and, of course, our trusty volunteers - doing their "Litter Heroes" bit for Royston (and a free breakfast!).