Long Term Exercise

Why Exercise?


Nobody likes to be ill.

It’s not something we deliberately choose. The worry and pain caused to both self, family and friends are truly unwelcome.

For many of us heart problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are already upon us. Some of us are in rehab, others just trying to manage their condition. However, we all want to continue an active and productive life. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is paramount.

Maintaining physical activity and reducing risk factors in the long term is essential. Exercise based cardiac rehabilitation trials have shown the greatest benefit is associated with exercising for twelve weeks or longer. That is why we are a "Long Term Exercise" group.


The cost of poor health

The burden of disease places a huge cost on both the individual and the nation’s healthcare. Sadly much of this is avoidable.

Two-thirds of deaths under 75 are avoidable, and around 80% of those are preventable
Department of Health: Living Well for Longer: A call to action to reduce avoidable premature mortality

The ‘Healthy people, Healthy lives’ paper from the Department of Health emphasises the need to encourage the population as a whole towards a healthier lifestyle and living choices. 

Consumption of a healthier diet, and supporting an increase in physical activity levels will help reduce the risk of conditions like diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

This is a shift in focus from advising patients and their carers ‘after’ the event to encouraging primary prevention and endorses the value of such a strategy in reducing the burden of disease and cost of healthcare.

in the UK 65% of the population have high cholesterol and 28% of the population have raised blood pressure

Regular long term exercise with the group is perfect for you and your heart! A healthy heart will give you a new lease of life. Come along and have a chat and try a session.

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