The Great Pie and Peas Up!

The Great Pie and Pie Up!

NEXT PIE AND PEAS NIGHT... FRIDAY 28th February 2020

And it's into 2020 with THREE of our famous Pie and Peas nights! As always this will be a sell out. Places are limited (due to fire regulations), so get your names down quick. See the notice board please.

7.00pm with Bingo, Raffle, Quiz and loads of FUN 🙂 

After the February bash there's one on Friday 17th July 2020 and another on Friday 9th October 2020 to get your teeth into!


Another superb sell out night! A great big thank you to our volunteers for organising such fabulous food and fun. We are so lucky!

7.00pm with Bingo, Raffle, Quiz and loads of FUN 🙂 


Another HUGE success. Another two coming up later this year.
Provisional gdates are Friday 19th July and Friday 11th October. More news available soon.

7.00pm with Bingo, Raffle, Quiz and loads of FUN 🙂 


Just a quick update - more News later. 

A fabulous fun evening. Smashing pies (meat, pork and veggie), tasty mushy peas and lashings of gravy. Quiz sheet, bingo and raffle.

Wonderful effort from our volunteers and greatly appreciated by all.


Friday 20th October 2017 - Pie and Peas Night! WE SOLD OUT!!!

The List on the Notice Board got longer and longer and eventually we had to make special arrangements. With some careful planning we managed to safely accommodate over 90 guests. And what a fabulous night was had by all including some very happy Bingo and Raffle winners.

All the members really appreciated all the hard work put in by our volunteers. 

  • Special thanks to: Phil & Trev for the double act; Bev, Jen, Carol and Sandra for preparing and serving the food; Suzanne, Jen and Christine for running the Raffle which raised a total of £322.

Thanks to everybody who attended and supported us. Your generosity raised over £700 for our funds.


The Last Pie and Peas Night on Friday 14th July SOLD OUT - ANOTHER FABULOUS PIE AND PEAS NIGHT

Wow - what a night! Tickets sold out fast for this extravaganza. A magnificent evening hosted by Trevor and Phil our Social Events Co-Ordinators. The evening's raffle and bingo were very well supported (with one lucky bingo winner claiming 2 "Full Houses" and a "Full Line" - much to her embarrassment!). The evening raised over £600 for group funds so another HUGE thank you to all those who helped organise the evening, and of course, to all our wonderful members who supported us by attending! 

Barnsley Healthy Hearts Pie n Peas night


A Short History of Pie and Peas in Royston

Tradition has it that when the Vikings settled Royston in the 9th Century, they built a bakery on the site of our gym. Their speciality was the Viking Pease Pie. This culinary delight had a pastry top with two horns sticking out. There was great rivalry locally with Denby Dale as to who could bake the biggest pie. The 11th century Domesday book records that Royston baked the largest pie in 1086. Today we continue the tradition with our own Great Pie and Peas Up.

Protein PeasOn a nutritional note (and this bit is true), a 100-calorie serving of peas (three quarters of a cup) contains more protein than a whole egg or tablespoon of peanut butter. So get them tickets from Trev, follow the Vikings and enjoy a powerful pea protein packed supper!

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Pie and Peas Night 22 February 2019

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Pie and Peas Oct 2017

Last Year's Pie and Peas Night - Friday 14 October 2016

A cracking evening!

This event was yet again a great success and extremely well supported by approx. 65 members and friends who enjoyed an evening of bingo, raffles and quizzes together with great food.

Thanks to Trevor, Phil, Bev, Carol, Sandra, Suzanne and Jen for their joint effort in making the evening such a great success which also raised in excess of £450 for our group funds.

A big thank you also to Carol Ashton for baking such delicious cakes which contributed a further £78 to the group funds and possibly several inches to our waistlines!

Pie and Peas Up!

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