“Leaping out of bed like a young gazelle…”

… my mind was saying. In reality, I was more like an old grizzly bear bemoaning the aches in his joints and the soreness in his muscles. Yes, I had been exercising in the gym the night before. And yes, my ageing body was reminding my youthful mind of the realities of getting older.

Over 300 years ago in 1716 the playwright Christopher Bullock in “The Cobbler of Preston” had written “Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes.” He obviously never went to the gym and missed out that other sure thing: Morning-After-Stiff-As-A-Very-Stiff-Person Syndrome. It’s a blessing that comes with age.

Whilst bending down trying to retrieve a sock, the young gazelle in my mind trod on a brain cell and galvanised the “find out more” mode. And Google, that Oracle of the digital 21st Century provided the answer. A whole website devoted to Ageing Better

It’s a great resource for getting to grips with the ageing process and covers all sorts of topics including the “keeping physically active” bit. In particular, I noted that “Strength and Balance” exercises might help my flexibility and relieve my “Morning-After-Stiff-As-A-Wotsit” Syndrome”.

Let’s start with a few facts
(courtesy of the Centre for Ageing Better)

Used with the permission of the Centre for Ageing Better


The Importance of strength and balance when getting older…

A narrated presentation of 18 slides 

Used with the permission of the Centre for Ageing Better


A short video why “Strength and Balance” exercises are good for us…

Used with the permission of the Centre for Ageing Better


Exercise at home

Inspired by the Centre for Ageing Better message on Strength and Balance, I looked for some simple exercises that I could do at home. I wanted to do these first thing in the morning to “loosen up” and help flexibility. Here’s a short video from the American National Institute on Ageing…

7 Strength, Balance, and Flexibility Exercises for Older Adults


There’s no doubt in my mind, that these 7 simple exercises performed DAILY after getting up, really do help to ease the creaking joints into action. So instead of getting out of bed like a bear with a sore head, I’m more like a young gazelle when I bounce down to breakfast 🙂