Poetry soothes the savage beast & soothes the soul

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“Poetry soothes the savage beast & soothes the soul”
Two quotations rolled into one but a good excuse to post Barbara Graham’s epic ode to Long Term Exercise.


Long Term Exercise

This exercise is very good,
It makes you feel much stronger.
Then after you’ve done your little bit,
You can have a cuppa and stay longer.

The social part is just as good.
“If you stay and have a natter”
You can get your troubles off your chest,
“Or even talk of things that don’t matter”

But while you’re here you form a bond,
With people who are just like you.
And this is just as important,
Because “this helps to get you through”

But of course “if you have any problems”
There is “always someone to look after you ”
There are trained people, so if anything goes wrong,
“They know just what to do”


Barbara Graham


As posted recently on the Barnsley LTE Heart Support Group Notice Board.

Thank you Barbara.