Kickstart your healthy eating

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Organisation tips to kickstart your healthy eating

Watching what you eat and eating healthily can sometimes be a struggle, especially if you have a busy life. Things always seem to get in the way, work, family, looking after the kids – grandkids. It’s so easy to say oh I will start eating better tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.

Here are a few simple steps that will help you along your way. (I will also be adding tasty recipes including healthy sweet treats.)

Top tips to help you get organised in the kitchen to kickstart your healthy eating:

  • Organisation is the key – have lots of little tubs that you can keep chopped fruit/salad or left overs in. This also prevents as much waste, and you can take healthy leftovers to work with you.
  • Preparation – prepare your lunches the night before so you’re not rushing about in the morning. Preparation and organisation go hand in hand really.
  • Plan ahead – it’s easy to buy way too much food when you go shopping, also on the flip side too little. It’s useful if you can think ahead of how your week will work out and make a meal plan so you are buying just the right amount of food and the right kind of food. It’s too easy to think ‘I haven’t been shopping and I’ve got in late from work so let’s have a take away’. You can also make lovely healthy make ahead meals such as chilli’s, curries and casseroles than you can tub up and pop in the freezer.

So eating healthily becomes a whole lot easier with a bit of organisation, preparation and planning ahead.


Leanne PuttLeanne attends the Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions with her dad.